Business as usual

Please be assured that the team at Promise Promo are committed to providing business continuity, to the best of our abilities, during the unprecedented circumstances we all find ourselves in. 

We have the technology and infrastructure to be able to do so as effectively as we do from the office.

Therefore, you can expect to receive the same level of service as you have come to expect from us.

If your looking for business and incentive gifts, Promise Promo can remove all the hassle and headache. We’re fast, thorough, experienced, inexpensive, excited by what we do and interested in what you need.

Find out for yourself… get in touch.

It’s All About Trust!

Ooo.. look what Prodir have sent to us!😱⁠

The brand new QS40 Air inside an eco-box made of pure cardboard. Now this is what gets us excited!⁠

The New QS40 Air. There’s a hole where something else isn’t. 60% less plastic. 100% more air.⁠

Available in matt and soft touch with three clip designs – two made from plastic, with elegant contours or sleek, straight edges, and one metal version with different finishes.

Print surface on the clip. Also available with metal button in different satin or chrome finishes. Clip holders provide individual colour accents.

It’s all about trust.⁠⁠

Hello, 2020 Catalogue!

Our 2020 catalogue is hot off the press and is jam packed with exciting new products!

At Promise Promo, we believe that finding the right product is the most important part of the job and we are always happy to go off in search of what you need.

Promise Promo can remove all the hassle and headache. We’re fast, thorough, experienced and inexpensive. Most importantly excited by what we do and interested in what you need.

So, grab yourself a coffee, get your team together and use this catalogue to come up with your own fabulous creations.

Request yours today if you haven’t been lucky enough to receive one already!

The Collapsible Pocket Cup

Work or play. At home or on the go. Stojo is the reusable answer to your daily refreshment. The collapsible design allows you to enjoy hot or cold drinks, anywhere, at any time. Simply use, drink, and collapse, before slipping Stojo into your pocket or bag.

Stojo’s silicone and polypropylene components are FDA and LFGB Platinum Certified—the highest food safety standard in the world. As safety always comes first, each component is BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free.

Stojo cups are available in a wide range of colours, from colours inspired by the bustling urban spaces of New York to the NEW Pastel collection.

1% for the Planet – every year Stojo commit 1% of their annual revenue to environmentally focused non-profits. Lately, Stojo had the pleasure of partnering with Lonely Whale.

We are always happy to hear from you. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your requirements, then simply get in touch.

Let’s kickstart 2020 together!

Have an event or campaign you’re working on? Promotional merchandise can make all the difference.

Promise Promo can remove all the hassle and headache. We’re fast, thorough, experienced, inexpensive and excited by what we do. We believe that finding the right product is the most important part of the job and we are always happy to go off in search of what you need.

We have a 7-step process that we work by so you know the exact steps we take to give you what you need.

Start step 1 today and let’s kickstart 2020!

Custom Paper Clips

Paper clips are used daily and a essential desktop items. Why not make your own? Unique shapes and colours available. We also have a variety of shaped promotional paper clips to choose from.

Custom wire paper clips can be made for all sorts of shapes from such as sunglasses, animals or cars. To more complex custom designs such as company logos.

Multi functional clip: Identify your documents and paperwork; may also be used as bookmarks and decorative memo clips, money clips, paper holders or letter holders.

Add a little flair to your paperwork with these elegant paperclips. Get in touch for more information and order yours today!

Fang-tastic Sweet Pots!

Yes, the calendar just flipped from September to October. It’s time to start thinking about autumn and one of its highlights – Halloween!!

This Halloween we’re offering maxi eco pots are made from plant based materials rather than plastic. Once enjoyed, they can be disposed of in commercial food waste, recycling to compost.

Branded with a full colour paper wrap, they can be filled with all sorts of treats, such as Halloween themed foiled chocolates, coloured jelly and chocolate beans. The possibilities are endless!

Get your orders in soon to make it in time for Halloween.
Happy Haunting!

The Next Generation Of Hydration

Introducing the Soma Glass Water Bottle.

Drinking from glass isn’t just enjoyable, it’s responsible. You are helping to eliminate the single-use plastic that is wreaking havoc on our oceans.

Through Soma’s partnership with the charity: water. A percentage of every Soma purchase goes directly towards funding projects to bring safe drinking water to millions who don’t have access to it.

Made from BPA-free high quality, lightweight and shatter-resistant glass. The Soma’s new design is perfect to fit in your bag, cup holder and wide mouth to fit ice cubes. Features an easy-grip, protective silicone that aims to protect your bottle from bumps and falls along with a stable base.

Soma bottles are available in 6 colours: Blush, Sapphire, White, Emerald, Mint and Grey. Each bottle comes with a silicone sleeve that can be branded with your logo, in one position.

Get hydrated and grab your own Soma today!

Future of printing

New 3D printing! Promise brings the power of digital production into your hands. If you’re looking for something distinct and new then 3D print is the way forward with outstanding speed, reliability and quality.

We get so excited when we can offer new services, especially as cool as 3D printing! The best part of this service is the sky’s the limit, all you need to start production is a 3D printable model. No model? No problem. 

You go from idea to production without breaking a sweat. Once your design is finalized we can immediately begin production. Start with 1, 10, 100, or 10,000 units, it’s entirely up to you.

Manufacture your next big idea today! What are you waiting for?

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Promise Promo – is not just a name, it’s a mission statement.

At Promise Promo, we promise to source great products. We promise to offer great value for money. We promise a great service. We promise that we will not let you down.

A really good example of this occurred recently.

We had a delivery of 200 bags being shipped to a venue in London for an event taking place early the following morning. Always keen to ensure we buy ourselves enough time (should we need it), we requested a pre-midday delivery.

By requesting a pre-midday delivery, our client receives their delivery in plenty of time to prepare for their event and we rest easy. Unfortunately, the factory we used forgot to request a shipment before midday and we were notified that the courier would arrive between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

All good, right? Wrong.

A delivery slot at the end of the working day always makes us nervous. At Promise, we don’t like to assume. We don’t like to assume that the driver will find the venue. We don’t like to assume he won’t get held up and be unable to deliver. We don’t like to assume anything that could affect the promise we’ve made to our client.

Ok, so the delivery will likely be delivered, but what if not? It’ll be the end of the day and we won’t be able to do anything to remedy the situation.

At Promise Promo, this does not sit well with us and we believe that prevention is better than cure.

We choose our partners wisely

Wisely choosing our partners and working with individuals who share our ethos. This was proved in this situation by our provider.

Appreciating that their oversight had left us in an uncomfortable position they made the decision to reprint the bags and courier them (same day) to the venue – at their cost. The delivery was now guaranteed to be delivered on the day we needed it to be. We can relax.

The outcome

As it turned out, the courier managed to deliver the original delivery, which meant that the customer received twice the amount of bags but was happy because the second batch was free and the factory allowed them to keep the first batch. Promise kept.