Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Promise Promo – is not just a name, it’s a mission statement.

At Promise Promo, we promise to source great products. We promise to offer great value for money. We promise a great service. We promise that we will not let you down.

A really good example of this occurred recently.

We had a delivery of 200 bags being shipped to a venue in London for an event taking place early the following morning. Always keen to ensure we buy ourselves enough time (should we need it), we requested a pre-midday delivery.

By requesting a pre-midday delivery, our client receives their delivery in plenty of time to prepare for their event and we rest easy. Unfortunately, the factory we used forgot to request a shipment before midday and we were notified that the courier would arrive between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

All good, right? Wrong.

A delivery slot at the end of the working day always makes us nervous. At Promise, we don’t like to assume. We don’t like to assume that the driver will find the venue. We don’t like to assume he won’t get held up and be unable to deliver. We don’t like to assume anything that could affect the promise we’ve made to our client.

Ok, so the delivery will likely be delivered, but what if not? It’ll be the end of the day and we won’t be able to do anything to remedy the situation.

At Promise Promo, this does not sit well with us and we believe that prevention is better than cure.

We choose our partners wisely

Wisely choosing our partners and working with individuals who share our ethos. This was proved in this situation by our provider.

Appreciating that their oversight had left us in an uncomfortable position they made the decision to reprint the bags and courier them (same day) to the venue – at their cost. The delivery was now guaranteed to be delivered on the day we needed it to be. We can relax.

The outcome

As it turned out, the courier managed to deliver the original delivery, which meant that the customer received twice the amount of bags but was happy because the second batch was free and the factory allowed them to keep the first batch. Promise kept.